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Description:   The Java Website Monitor is a command-line java program that tries to connect to a website and detect if it's returning a response. For each website scanned it will an SMTP email to a list of email addresses.

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Waffle Web Framework Waffle is a Java Web framework that allows for pojo-based actions. Dependency injection support is built in. Waffle does NOT have a proprietary templating language nor does it require any XML configuration files. Waffle apps are easy to write and test.

Web Translation Component Translates XHTML pages for a Java Web Application. Uses Google Translate API. The code to interface with Google is a seperate module which can be used for other Java applications. An example Web Application WAR file is included to see how it works.

DW4J Document Warehouse for Java DW4J :: Document Warehouse for Java, Content Management System developed in Java 5 language, uses Java Web Services Java. Client app in Java SWT and admin tools and image recovery in Web environment.

JAVA Web Install Maker Free JAVA Web Install Maker Free is an Installation package Creator that uses a Web Directory to Install Files From. It will Install JAVA JAR programs and other Binaries in Linux or Windows. Use this when you can't find a good FREE Multi OS Installer.

Java Web Chat (Standalone and Plugin) This project aim to develop a plug-in module for ready use in Java Web application with little effort, it has many ways to persist account details (XML vs DB) It can be used as a standalone application for support services in the web sites. Web ...

Java Web Parts A collection of small, largely independent utility-type classes and functions for Java web application developers including taglibs, filters, JSP templates, servlets, utility classes and other general-purpose code.

Java Web Remote Update Java Web Remote Update is a software that allows to manage from remote the Tomcat web applications' update. JWRU has been realized with the most modern Java-Based technologies:Apache Axis,Java Web Start,Apache Ant.

Java Web Server Plugin Authentication Provides plugin authentication API for Java WebServers - extending FORM authentication capabilities - with Tomcat, JBoss and Jetty implementations. Plugin multiple authenticators, key preparers (e.g. pass hashing/salting) and login keys (incl. file data).

Java Web-Based Enterprise Management JWbem is an on-going Java implementation of Microsoft's Scripting Web-Based Enterprise Management (SWbem) API. JWbem allows Java developers to easily monitor and manage Microsoft Windows via Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI).

Tiny Java Web Server TJWS is an Open Source HTTP Server and Servlet container written in 100% Java. It's designed to be light weight, high performance, secure, embeddable, extensible and flexible. Very small footprinted (~99K), CGI, J2EE/JSP compatible. Servlet spec 3.0 modular design can be invoked programmaticallyasync requests processing ...

JWebMSN Allthough there are some msn webclients, they aren't open source. Therefore I build this JSP client witch allows you to install it on your own JSP server. The backend of this project is using the MSNM library (can be found at jsmsn.sourceforge.net)

JWebSearch This Java Library is used to provide as a universal search wrapper for multiple backend search engines. It is designed to integret new backend easily with config files. Currently it supports Google/Yahoo/Dmoz Search engines.

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